Predictive coding in sensory systems and behavior

Choi, Pasupathy, Shea-Brown (2018) Neural Computation
Choi, Pasupathy, Shea-Brown (2018) Neural Computation

Predictive coding has been proposed as a method to create efficient neural codes. One flavor of predictive coding focuses on the brain’s ability to predict sensory inputs in the near future through learning. Another theory of predictive coding postulates that cortical circuits learn and represent information about the world through hierarchical interactions across cortical areas and layers. Our goal is to understand the neural correlates of predictive coding and its detailed mechanisms in computation of sensory information and behavior. To achieve this, we incorporate biologically-realistic connectivity and neural dynamics to study predictive coding models of cortical and other neural circuitries.

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2023, A. Balwani, S. Cho, H. Choi, “Exploring the architectural biases of the canonical cortical microcircuit” Cosyne, Montreal, Canada. Watch Aish’s talk here!

Topology and dynamics of biological neural networks

Harris, Mihalas, Hirokawa, Whitesell, Choi et al (2019) Nature

The brain is composed of networks of many different scales, ranging from cell-to-cell circuitries in cortical columns to macroscale connections between large brain regions. The brain networks at multiple scales feature uniquely complex connectivity structure among different types of neuronal populations, giving emergence to diverse neural dynamics at the network level. How information is processed in these complex, dynamic networks has been a long standing problem in neuroscience. In collaboration with experimental labs, we study the links between network architecture, dynamics, and computation using data-driven mathematical models of biological neuronal networks.

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